Personal Finance Daily: I found an old lien on my home from a past refinance. How do I get rid of it? and millions of Americans, still hurting from COVID-19, say normalcy is years away

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‘Warren Buffett and Harry Potter couldn’t get those two retired early’: When financial advisers can’t make their clients see the light

‘We put our spendthrift neighbors in touch with our financial adviser. They called her lousy. So how come WE are the ones who retired early?’

‘What the hell!’ I’m 28, have no debt, a 401(k), Roth IRA and $45K in cash. Should I save for a house or buy a Tesla Model 3?

‘I believe I can buy the car and strap down, and save more aggressively to replenish the funds.’

I lost my job at 55 and started my own successful business. I now constantly get texts from friends and former coworkers asking how I did it. What do I do?

‘I liken these friends and former colleagues to the kids at school who march right to the head of the lunch line to get their food, without waiting in line like the rest of us.’

‘I want to hurt him the same way he hurt me’: My husband sprung a prenup on me days before our wedding. He kept all copies

‘For two years, I asked for a copy and he couldn’t find it. When I finally had enough, I found it in his office and made myself a copy.’

My husband and his brother inherited a property. Our son moved in. We paid $60K in taxes and repairs. Do we split it 50/50?

‘The house is probably 90 years old, and needed quite a lot of work before they could move in.’

I married ‘the life of the party’ — but he’s different at home. He takes his money woes out on me and calls me a ‘gold digger’

‘He was a generous man and financially stable, or so I thought.’

Did you bet on sports this year? The taxman could be coming for your winnings

Bettors may have to pay federal and state taxes on sports betting winnings if certain thresholds are met.

Is the U.S returning to normal? Millions of Americans, still hurting from COVID-19, say normalcy is still years away

‘There’s a very clear divide based on income in terms of how people are experiencing this.’

Study of 1.6 million people looks at the effects of income on our emotional well-being

They say money can’t buy you happiness — but it appears that making more of it makes you feel much better about yourself.

I found an old lien on my home from a past refinance. How do I get rid of it?

Old liens can become major roadblocks when trying to refinance or sell your home.

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