Sonim Technologies vs. Nokia: Which Ultra-Rugged Mobile Phone Manufacturer is a Better Choice?

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Ultra-rugged phones enjoy a much longer life cycle than regular consumer smartphones. Because the COVID-19 pandemic required businesses to change their operations, ultra-rugged phones played a significant role in several industries’ adaptation. And with the integration of better user interfaces and 5G, the demand for these phones is expected to continue rising. The North American rugged phones market is expected to grow at 6.7% CAGR to $1.43 billion by 2027. So, both NOK and SONM should benefit.

While SONM’s shares lost 40% in price over the past six months, NOK has surged 47.2%. NOK is a clear winner with 7.2% gains versus SONM’s negative returns in terms of their past three months’ performance. But which of these stocks is a better pick now? Let’s find out.

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