Personal Finance Daily: This woman was tricked out of $62K by a friend who claimed to be a mysterious heiress, and 5 ways to reduce your risk of developing dementia

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Personal Finance
It would take 1,000 years for the average employee to earn what their CEO makes in just one, study says

The Institute for Policy Studies report coincides with Bernie Sanders’s income inequality tax proposal.

5 things to cut out of your diet right now to reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk of heart failure

A study of 4,500 people over 13 years and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine comes to some surprising conclusions.

A major new study suggests it’s possible to avoid developing dementia — 5 ways to reduce your risk

Participants with high genetic risk and an unfavorable lifestyle were almost three times more likely to develop dementia versus those with a low genetic risk and favorable lifestyle.

Trump’s decision to revoke California’s ability to limit auto emissions could have one unintended consequence

The administration will no longer give California the authority to set auto-mileage standards stricter than those mandated by the federal government.

This woman was tricked out of $62K by a friend who claimed to be a mysterious heiress

‘She was weirdly socially inept, but also very charismatic.’

More Americans are worried about a recession now than right before the last one

People are evenly split on whether a recession will hit in the next 12 months.

Escalating child-care costs forced this divorcee to give up her job — so she earned a degree to reboot her life

‘It was still a tight spot, but it would be cheaper to stay at home.’

Imprisoned ex-NBA player misses his shot at fighting his tax bill — and now he owes more than $36,000

The IRS did Tate George’s taxes for him and he didn’t like the outcome.

‘Investing in a simple index fund is immoral’ — why climate-change investing has been more talk than action

Just 4% of company 401(k) retirement plans offer the choice of a ‘socially responsible’ mutual fund as one of its investment options.

Want to trade in your home? Zillow tries a model most often used by car dealers

People who buy newly constructed homes from some builders will be able to sell their current homes to Zillow.

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Secretary of State Pompeo listened in on Trump’s July call with Ukraine’s Zelensky

The disclosure ties the State Department more closely to the House impeachment inquiry.

These three men may hold the key to the Trump impeachment inquiry

The three men — Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman and Rudy Giuliani — should all be subpoenaed to appear before the congressional impeachment committees so they can be questioned under oath regarding their dangerous nonsense and disinformation that Trump was feeding Zelensky.

Trump suggests Schiff be arrested over Ukraine statement

President Trump on Monday questioned if House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason over his depiction of the president’s call with the leader of Ukraine.

If Hillary Clinton’s sweating renewed scrutiny of her emails, you wouldn’t know it from this tweet

Kamala Harris rushed to Clinton’s defense … and Clinton responded.

Here’s what’s happening next in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into Trump

Lawmakers are on a two-week break from Washington, but could hear from the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment probe of President Trump soon, according to the Democrat leading the inquiry.