Top Ten: Weekend reads: What happens when Amazon comes to town

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It has been a year since made its big announcement that rather than to build two new headquarters facilities in New York’s Long Island City and northern Virginia, it would go only with the latter.

You might not be surprised that Amazon’s AMZN, -0.27%  decision strengthened the residential property market in northern Virginia, but the numbers are shocking and readers are having their own substantive debate, which you can join.

Thoughtful presents for people you love

Ahead of the holidays — and the associated pressure of coming up with ideas about what to give family and friends — here’s a series of articles about gifts that pay off:

This holiday gift could earn your child $52,927

How to give your loved ones the gift of a good retirement

These are the world’s best gifts to give, according to science

The right way to buy yourself a gift

How much do you really pay for TV streaming?

Answering this question may not be as simple as you expect. Here’s a new streaming subscription cost calculator.

Small investors are left behind by Wall Street

Jeff Reeves explains how so much money is made by private investors before and after companies go public — at the expense of the average investor.

How to book a bargain cruise

Catey Hill looks at the U.S. News and World Report 2020 list of the best cruise lines, while also giving advice on when to book cruises to save the most money.

These ‘winter’ stocks may perform well

Michael Brush offers a list of natural gas companies he expects to benefit from colder-than-usual weather.

A review of ESG performance

Mark Hulbert points out the pitfalls of looking only at certain periods for performance comparisons between socially conscious mutual funds and broader funds, while also considering whether ESG investing is worth it.

These colleges have the best returns on investment

In the midst of the national student-debt crisis, people naturally wonder whether it’s worth shelling out so much money for higher education. A new survey ranks colleges by returns on tuition paid for associate and bachelor degrees at thousands of private and public schools.

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