The Margin: Howard Stern finally lands his coveted Hillary Clinton interview — and Fox News host Sean Hannity rips him for it

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From President Trump’s inauguration to the impeachment hearings to her own sexuality — and, of course, her book — Hillary Clinton covered just about everything in her lengthy interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday.

But Fox News host Sean Hannity, long a fierce critic of the Clintons, didn’t like it one bit, and he slammed Stern for having her on his show.

“Not sure why Howard hates Trump and loves her,” Hannity said on his show Wednesday. “Makes no sense. That’s not the guy I grew up listening to.”

The guy he grew up listening to, however, did endorse Clinton in 2016 even though he had plenty of friendly interviews with Trump over the years. In his latest book, Stern wrote that “I don’t think I’ve ever tried harder to get a guest than I did with Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election.” He said the outcome might have been different had she agreed to talk with him back then.

Anyway, here’s the clip that apparently set Hannity off:

On the same network, Tucker Carlson offered his take on the interview, bringing on a medical profession to address Clinton’s cough:

As for the interview itself, Clinton had plenty to talk about, including some details on “one of the hardest days” of her life — Trump’s inauguration. “He started on that speech, which was so bizarre, and that’s when I got really worried,” she said. “And George W. Bush says to me, ‘Well, that was some weird shit.’”

She also chimed in on quid pro quo.

“Let’s not mince words — Trump was trying to bribe the president of Ukraine to take action by announcing the beginning of an investigation on an unfounded theory against his domestic political opponent for his personal and political gain,” she said. “You can’t make it up. Who would ever think anybody would do that?”

And what about those rumors of her sexuality?

“Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” Clinton joked, responding to Stern by saying she’s “never, never, never” had a lesbian affair. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”