Personal Finance Daily: When is it NOT cool to re-gift your unwanted swag and the lack of paid family leave is ‘breaking families’ backs’

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So you changed your mind about a political donation like some of Pete Buttigieg’s ex-supporters — can you get a refund?

“There’s nothing under the law that requires a candidate to give money back because someone says, ‘I don’t like you anymore.’”

The real reason a Baltimore company’s $10 million holiday bonus is such an outlier

Putting the eye-popping bonus in perspective.

Legendary Nazi ‘Enigma’ code machine up for sale for estimated $100,000

It’s one of only around 250 thought to be in existence.

Here’s how women can get the advice about money and investing they want

Women control more money than ever, but don’t invest as much as men.

‘Even wealthy Americans have no qualms about re-gifting’ — but when is it NOT cool to re-gift your unwanted swag?

Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.’

The lack of paid family leave is ‘breaking families’ backs’ — so what are Democratic presidential candidates going to do about it?

Federal workers could soon get 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Topeka and 12 other places will pay you to move there

Topeka is the latest on the list of places including a Greek island, Vermont, Maine, Alaska, Chile and Candela, Italy that reward new residents with cash, free land and other perks.

These are 3 big mistakes you can make with a 529 plan

Whatever you do, be sure to set one up to help cover a child’s education costs and to benefit from tax breaks.

‘Great Recession’ a decade ago is one reason your Christmas tree will cost more this year

A tight supply will raise Christmas tree prices above last year’s $78 average, but everyone should still be able to find one

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Phase 1 of U.S.-China talks was hard — and the next part will be even harder

Friday’s deal does little to resolve deeper tensions.

Justice Department preparing legal action against Live Nation over ticketing practices

The Justice Department is preparing to take legal action against Live Nation Entertainment Inc. on allegations the company has sought to strong-arm concert venues into using its dominant Ticketmaster subsidiary, according to people familiar with the matter.

Tax-credit expansion sought by Tesla, other EV players is among tax breaks getting lawmakers’ attention as year ends

Tesla, General Motors and other players in the electric-vehicles sector have a role in the end-of-year scramble around a possible tax package with so-called “tax extenders,” as they could score an expansion for a key EV credit.