NewsWatch: The U.S. officially lost 701,000 jobs in March, but in reality millions vanished

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The U.S. lost 701,000 jobs in March, the government’s employment official scorecard showed, but the real losses were much greater: At least 10 million jobs and counting as the coronavirus bore down on the economy. See full story.

Fauci urges nationwide stay-at-home order: ‘I don’t understand why that’s not happening’

Count Dr. Anthony Fauci among those who thinks America needs a nationwide stay-at-home order. See full story.

Lenders call on Washington for more clarity on small-business rescue program a day before Friday launch

Lenders are still waiting on final rules from the U.S. government to help get its $350 billion rescue lending programs off the ground on Friday to shore up small businesses battered by the coronavirus pandemic. See full story.

I went to the grocery store in a balaclava — turns out, de Blasio now says ALL New Yorkers should wear improvised face masks

‘It could be a bandana, something you create yourself,’ Mayor De Blasio said. You know what’s better than a bandana? A balaclava. See full story.

This hard truth about the mortgage markets isn’t being told

Real estate industry sees no problem, hears no problem, speaks no problem, writes Keith Jurow. See full story.


Jobless claims jumped to 6.6 million last week, but several sectors are ramping up hiring. See full story.