Personal Finance Daily: How the U.S. can emulate South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand to control the coronavirus and refinancing your mortgage will cost more thanks to a new fee

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I’m still waiting on my FIRST stimulus check. When will I get it? ‘We, the qualifying taxpayers, should not have to suffer’

‘I was the supervisor of the department that processed and reconciled parking citations. Since mid-March, the number of parking citations drastically fell due to the coronavirus pandemic.’

When will I get my extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits? Why isn’t everyone out of work eligible under Trump’s proposal?

Trump signed an executive order calling for an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits — but it’s best to read the small print.

Does sunshine kill coronavirus? Was it made in a lab? Will antibiotics help? These are the most popular myths and conspiracy theories about COVID-19

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, some people are on edge, while others are just plain confused.

Dr. Fauci outlines 3 ways the U.S. can emulate South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand — and control coronavirus spread

The infectious-disease expert told actor Matthew McConaughey, ‘We’ve been through a Depression, we’ve been through a World War. We pulled together through 9/11.’

THE BIG MOVE: I work in Silicon Valley, but my job is now remote. I can finally live somewhere cheaper. Where should I go?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to move in search of bigger, more affordable homes.

If you didn’t get a $500 stimulus check for your child, it should be coming soon

The IRS is correcting oversights due to a programming error — but a watchdog is complaining some will still have to wait.

Yale University accused of discriminating against white and Asian-American students in admissions

If Yale and the Department of Justice can’t come to an agreement in two weeks, the DOJ says it’s prepared to file a lawsuit.

Refinancing your mortgage will cost more thanks to a new fee from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are rolling out a new ‘adverse market fee’ in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Critics of the move say it will cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

These WFH tech employees moved to another state and kept the same job

There is a fevered competition among America’s second- and third-tier cities for workers in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs. Nothing new about that — it’s been going on for years. But with COVID-19 raging across the U.S., there’s a new twist to recruiting efforts that makes moving a more compelling offer.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the prospect Friday of trying to pass a stand-alone bill to give the U.S. Postal Service additional cash to cope with the coronavirus and ensure smooth mail-in balloting.

Cheap and fast screening tests could be a game-changer in fighting COVID-19 pandemic

Screening tests with even moderate levels of accuracy can slow the spread of the coronavirus and help schools and workplaces reopen.

The stock market would love a Democratic sweep in November

Democrats would support more stimulus and spending.

Here’s a pandemic stock tip: Buy on the rumor of a COVID-19 vaccine, sell on the news

Wall Street’s ‘smart money’ heads for the exit when retail buyers rush the door, writes Mark Hulbert.