Personal Finance Daily: Some Americans have started to receive the extra $300 in unemployment and more than 1 in 5 college students won’t be enrolling in college this fall

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Personal Finance
Some Americans have started to receive the extra $300 in unemployment — if you live in these states, you’re next on the list

An executive order President Donald Trump signed Aug. 8 calls for distributing an additional $300 in weekly unemployment benefits from a $44 billion fund set aside for disaster relief.

This investor just inherited 7,000 shares of Apple — and the internet has advice on what he should do now

Apple hit $2 trillion market cap during trading Wednesday.

‘New York City, dead? Never!’ says this lifelong resident. ‘I, for one, will not forsake my city. We roll up our sleeves and help’

‘The rampant income inequality and gentrification of the past 20 years were bound for a correction of some kind. It wasn’t sustainable,’ Matthew Conlon writes.

How are homeowners coping with the coronavirus economy? The mortgage market is giving clues

Decline in mortgage forbearance applications is a positive sign, writes Sanjiv Das.

More than 1 in 5 college students won’t be enrolling in college this fall

Most believe they’ll be exposed to COVID-19 on campus. Notre Dame and North Carolina universities already canceled in-person classes over outbreaks.

Get your flu shot in September — before cases start to climb

It’s more important than ever to do it early given expectations of more COVID-19 outbreaks that will burden our overstretched health-care system.

COVID-19 and 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ have one depressing thing in common: exacerbating social and economic inequality

A new working paper looks at the effects of the 1918 influenza and COVID-19 pandemics on mortality and the economy, plus the role of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

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Are Democrats wavering on oil subsidies? Biden-Harris climate platform remains fluid

With some anti-oil language already softened, the future of the influential fossil fuel industry remains one of the stickier features in the Democratic party’s climate approach.

Google searches on how to ‘file for unemployment’ points to further drop in weekly jobless claims

The number of people filing for unemployment benefits has fallen sharply in the past few weeks, and based on Google search trends, they are likely to keep dropping.

Here’s where Joe Biden has moved to the left — and where he hasn’t

President Donald Trump likes to paint Joe Biden as beholden to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, a “Trojan Horse” for the left. Is that accurate?

Why the COVID-19 ‘baby bust’ could impact stock prices for the next 30 years

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a decline in the U.S. birth rate and that affects the pool of potential stock buyers, writes Mark Hulbert.