Personal Finance Daily: Mortgage rates hover near record lows to close out 2020 and New Year’s resolutions to stay on top of the world in 2021

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‘I’m lucky to get by on $75,000 a year’: The $600 stimulus program doesn’t sound reasonable to me. Why am I left out?

‘Be grateful that you have a home and family to go home to tonight.’

‘I planned to buy new tires for the winter’: I didn’t get a stimulus check because I owe back child support. It’s so morally wrong. Will I get one this time?

‘Minnesota’s child-support program took all the money. The government could have left me with at least some of this money.’

My husband, 67, wants to leave his $2 million estate and home to his disabled daughter and his sister’s kids. Can he do that? I could outlive them

‘It just seems a little harsh that I can only have the house to live in and not sell, if I need the money for future medical expenses. He’s very controlling of his money.’

I took care of everything after my father died. My aunt, who claims she’s entitled to $27,000, says I only care about his money

‘I called my father’s bank, and I was told that his sister was listed as an authorized person on his bank account.’

See inside tattoo artist Kat Von D’s historic Indiana mansion

The tattoo artist Kat Von D continues to ink real estate deals.

Weekend reads: The streaming services worth paying for in 2021

Also, investors look ahead after a surprising 2020.

Mortgage rates hover near record lows to close out 2020 — now here’s the bad news

Throughout 2020, mortgage rates dropped to all-time lows on more than a dozen occasions.

Who needs France? The English are making their own bubbly, good for toasting the new year

Nyetimber is an increasingly popular brand from the land of ‘The Crown.’

These streaming services were worth paying for in 2020 — but might not be next year

Netflix was the most popular for our streaming critic, but two other services ranked higher for quality shows. Here’s what consumers should take into consideration when spending their streaming money

After one hell of a year — 10 New Year’s resolutions to stay on top of the world in 2021

Taking a breath and maintaining grace under pressure will result in less impulsive, more far-sighted money decisions, experts say.

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