Workday vs. Box: Which Cloud Stock is a Better Buy?

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The cloud computing industry is expected to reach new heights soon driven by the commercialization of 5G and increased adoption of hybrid working models by organizations. Because major industries are investing heavily in developing digital infrastructure, the demand for cloud computing is expected to increase in the coming months. According to dinCloud, the cloud computing market is expected to grow at a 17.9% CAGR over the next four years. Consequently, WDAY and BOX could see increasing demand for their product and services.

While WDAY has gained 43.6% over the past year, BOX has returned 35.6%. However, in terms of past nine months’ performance, BOX is a clear winner with 29.8% returns versus WDAY’s 18.2%. But which of these two stocks is a better pick now? Let’s find out.

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