Velodyne vs. Aeva Technologies: Which Lidar Stock is a Better Buy?

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Significant technological advancement and rising demand for 3D imagery in various industries are driving the growth of the lidar industry. Governments and various institutions around the globe are relying on lidar technology for topographical surveys, surveillance, monitoring purposes, and self-driving cars.

However, the global semiconductor chip shortage is expected to be a major headwind against the industry’s growth over the next few months. Also, a lack of awareness and knowledge about lidar among customers is recognized as a restraint for the market and, thus, lesser-known Lidar companies could find it challenging to stay afloat. So, let’s take a closer look at two lidar stocks VLDR and AEVA.VLDR’s share price has slumped 36.6% over the past three months, while AEVA’s has retreated only marginally over the period. Also, VLDR’s 26.2% loss over the past month compares with AEVA’s 19.3% loss.

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