Better Pharmaceutical Stock: Apellis or Novartis?

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The pharmaceutical industry is expected to remain in the limelight as companies race to develop new medicines catering to mild diseases and critical ailments. The industry has been attracting rising investments for the development of personalized or precision drugs, and continued innovation in the industry should drive its growth in the coming years. The global pharmaceutical market is expected to reach $1.7 trillion in 2025, growing at an 8% CAGR. So, Pharma stocks, APLS and NVS are expected to benefit from the industry tailwinds.

NVS has gained 1.3% in price over the past six months, while APLS has shed 31% over the period. In addition, NVS’ 9.7% retreat year-to-date compares with APLS’ 43.7% dive. However, in terms of their past year’s performance, APLS is the clear winner with 12.4% gains versus NVS’ 5.1% slump.

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