Peloton’s relaunch of its entire brand includes a workout app overhaul with 3 tiers—including a free one

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Peloton wants to be known as more than just an exercise bike company and it’s revamping its app to achieve that goal. The company will offer users three tiers, including a new free one and a premium level that costs $24 per month. “With this brand relaunch we’re reflecting the vibrancy and fullness of everything Peloton has to offer to everyone,” said Leslie Berland, Peloton’s Chief Marketing Officer in a statement. “We’re shifting perceptions from in-home to everywhere, fitness enthusiasts to people at all levels, exclusivity to inclusivity across all Peloton Members present and future.”

The free app will feature more than 50 classes in a dozen fitness categories. Live classes will not be included, but the featured classed will be refreshed regularly.

The middle tier is much the same as it was before the revamp. For $13 per month, users will have unlimited access to thousands of classes in a variety of categories, including yoga, outdoor walking and mediation. They’ll also be able to take up to three equipment-based cardio classes each month—and will be able to take part in Peloton’s Challenges.

The $14 monthly tier offers unlimited access to virtually everything Peloton offers, including thousands of classes that can be taken on an indoor rower, bike or treadmill.

The app will also feature a “Gym” mode, giving users access to guided workouts in fitness centers.

The new app tiers and Gym functionality are available now. However, if you’re planning to continue using the Peloton-branded equipment, the app will not replace the $44 per month subscription fee users currently pay.